Erica Michelle Speech Topics

The topics below can be delivered as a keynote, conference, seminar or webinar. *Additional topics can be customized at your request.*

Signature topics

F.E.A.R. – Facing Everything and Rise: How to overcome the fear that has held you captive for so long. The presence of FEAR will always seem to attach itself to your dreams, ideas and most of all to your life. Each time you feed into that fear it grips you tighter and eventually it prevents you from moving forward. However, when you decide to stop looking at those FEARS as obstacles, but rather as opportunities you will be able to Face Everything And Rise. You will realize that these challenges came along to make you stronger. The goal of this speech is to change the mindset of each attendee and how they view FEAR! This message will provide strategies that attendees can implement immediately.

Head over HEELS: Walking in your authority will take confidence and strength. Are you ready to recover what once belonged to you? Can you see those dreams, desires and passions that you so conveniently pushed to the side in efforts to live for someone else? Now is your time to go back for those dreams, desires and passions. They have been waiting for you. The goal of this speech is to help each attendee discover ways to fall back in love with themselves and the things that once provided them joy and strength.

Faith Based Signature Topics

His Master Peace: No matter what you’ve gone through in your life God is still able to take your broken pieces and exchange them for His Master Peace. This kind of peace will help you to heal from the inside out. Are ready to experience His presence like never before? Well God has been waiting on you to grant Him the permission to enter your heart and begin the work. During this talk we will discuss the importance of guarding and protecting our hearts after God mends those broken pieces back together again.

Can you hear me now? How to hear God through the silence. Have you been in prayer and it seems as if He is ignoring you? You have prayed long, hard and loud, but to no avail. His silence is the only thing that you seem to be receiving in return. Are you ready to identify the things that are keeping you from receiving your break through? During this discussion I will help you understand what has been preventing you from getting connected and hearing from God.

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