The “One Year Sabbatical” Coaching Program has been designed to take you on a journey, a journey that will lead you through a step by step process to finding:

Self-Love, Healing, Forgiveness and Gods Master Peace

The “One Year Sabbatical” interactive work book combined with a powerful coaching/mentoring program has allowed us to offer you practical as well as spiritual principles, truths and strategies that will not only show you how but also guide you through your healing process.

Heal Your Heart and You Heal Your World!

You’ve mastered living life on empty for way to long and actually you’ve almost convinced yourself as well as other’s that everything in your life is perfect. But if the truth was told you’ve grown accustom to masking your hurt, pain, fear, and scars that heart break has gifted to you, only to realize that through you masking it all, you’ve lost the real you.


I was a functioning “Broken Hearted Women”; I would intentionally sabotage healthy relationships all because of my fear of being hurt and rejected. On the outside I had it all together but on the inside I was messed up! And for years I carried around my broken pieces as if they were my own personal souvenirs, until that day my world came crumbling down. I had to make the decision that my life was worth fighting for and the only way I was going to receive the healing that God wanted me to have was by doing the work.

My One Year Sabbatical Coaching/Mentoring program is a combination of spiritual and practical principles and strategies

Which when implanted, will help you to:

  • Overcome heart break
  • Release the hurt and pain from past relationships.
  • Embrace the whole women that God has created you to be.
  • Learn how to forgive yourself as well as those who have once hurt you.
  • Heal yourself from the inside out!
  • Fall head over heels in love with yourself!

What are the benefits of the program?

  • It offers you the opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are experiencing similar situations as yourself.
  • You are gaining accountability partners who will be there to celebrate you, push you, encourage you and love on you.
  • You will receive unlimited support from your coach via email, phone sessions and live events for the duration of your time within the coaching program.

What’s included in this coaching program?

  • “My One Year Sabbatical: A Woman’s guide to finding Self-Love, Healing and His Master Peace” interactive workbook.
  • (6) monthly group coaching calls with Erica Michelle “Broken Heart Specialist”
  • (6) Q & A sessions held the following month after the coaching session. A time to ask questions, share your thoughts, and a means to have open positive dialog.
  • (6) Interactive monthly webinars all designed around fun, laughter and love!
  • (12) Bi-weekly assignments and or activities delivered directly into your inbox each week.
  • A Private Community – that will only be available to my private clients. A place to gather together and celebrate each other’s milestone, share love, support and encourage each other as we take this journey together!

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My One Year Sabbatical Coaching Program Launching September 2015


When I almost gave up!

Erica, the Broken Heart Specialist has always had the gift of helping others overcome the obstacles of a broken heart as well as the passion for assisting with healing process. I remember a few years ago when I was broken and depressed, I even contemplated thoughts of suicide, Erica didn’t just step in as a friend, but more as a mentor. When everyone abandoned me and I felt alone she never wavered. Even when I ignored her phone calls, she never gave up on me. She called every day to check in with me and when I didn’t answer her calls she would send me text messages and emails with words of encouragement along with biblical scriptures that coincided with my situation. And, with God, Erica, and time, I eventually got over the demons that had taken over my life for a brief moment in time and was able to get on with my life. In hind sight, I feel crazy for allowing myself to stoop as low as suicide, but I am grateful for my experience because it gave me the strength, testimony, and blueprint to help someone else later on that needed my help. So, Erica Michelle, I thank you again for saving my life!

Latania – Atlanta, Georgia

I needed her and didn’t even know it…

When I was introduced to Erica Michelle I was going through a divorce and the last topic that I wanted to talk about was FORGIVENESS. After working through the unforgiveness I had towards myself I could finally began to understand why she started at the place of self-forgiveness. Her experience along with her compassion towards others is what moves me the most. I am a better me because of connecting with her and all though I have not completed her program I excited about my new life now. Thanks for everything that you do!

Karen – Orlando, Florida

I met Ms. Erica through a mentoring program she offered in the community to young girls and I will never forget how my daughter’s attitude changed she was gift sent from God. I will always be appreciative of her hard work and commitment to others.

Sonia – Orlando, Florida