img_0322Meet the “Broken Heart Specialist” Speaker & Coach!

Erica Michelle is a beloved coach and mentor to women all over the world, offering fresh, “out of the box” insights on how to breathe new life into their lives after suffering through a broken heart.

She is affectionately known as the broken heart specialist, a transformational author and is most celebrated for being the rock, the shoulder to lean on and the guide for women as they go through the grief and heartache of a broken relationship… showing them the way back to wholeness.

Her wake-up call came in the form of a painful divorce, yes; one that could have taken her out or left her wanting to chase another relationship for comfort but instead Erica chose to listen to God. She decided to give herself time to heal. She spent time nurturing her soul, rediscovering her passions, reigniting her goals and dreams and mending the hole in her heart. She went through a year-long process to put herself back together again and there has been no turning back.

At the age of 40 she returned back to college to obtain her degree with a major in Business Administration.  With God’s guidance she completed the Associates Degree program. Her teenage daughter inspired her to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree as well. Although life happens, Erica is determined to prove to other women that it’s never too late to design the life of their dreams. One of her favorite quotes is: “I was built for this” which reminds women that no matter what they may face in life they can overcome.

Erica Michelle is now a Author of “My One Year Sabbatical: A Woman’s Guide to finding Self-Love, Healing and His Master Peace.” She’s also an entrepreneur, professional speaker, radio host of “Let’s Talk Issues of the Heart” show, Christian Life Coach and the founder of a women’s movement titled: “Her Heart Hurts, Too!”

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